Name: Eva P. Martens

Position in REAL: Trainer and Auditor

Your position in and name of your family:
Head of the Artemisa family

Your thoughts about the REG group:

In few other companies you'll see the values as embodied in the every day decision making process as in REAL. Activism here is not just a word or phrase to be thrown around, it's a lifestyle. The Real Ethical Group as such has the duty to embody the collective efforts from staff across the field to act on those values, and to support all initiatives across the company which try to make the world a better place.

The biggest challenge facing the world today:
I'd like to be able to say it's climate change or poverty or something else we could physically adress, however to me the biggest challenge the world is facing in my eyes is a lack of communication and the creation of artificial barriers between people.  The division of populations based on heritage, beliefs, language, educational backgrounds, income, country of origin, gender or sexual orientation. People not listening to each others needs because they don't believe it concerns them. People not listening to experts and choosing to ignore warnings because accepting it would mean changing their lifestyle or ideology. People spreading falsehoods and lies for personal gain and everyone who is willing to blindly follow those lies because of a false sense of belonging and superiority. People forgetting just because someone has a different opinion from oneself it doesn't change the fact that they are equally deserving of a good life and wellbeing. We cannot forget that we're all in this together and we must start actively choosing to act with the best intentions towards everyone we come across, so one day soon, hopefully, we can come together to iradicate the challange facing humanity in this day and age.

How we can help conquer this challenge:
The beauty of fundraising is that it teaches people to give important causes a voice. Learning how to lead an open minded conversation whilest representing those in need and inspiring people to make a change is an incredible skill to have and pass on.
Likewise I believe we should advocate for unbiased history lessons in school. Better education leads to better understanding. But even just teaching to lead a respectful conversation where people are looking to learn from each other and find common ground rather than win an argument is a step in the right direction. We don't need more people to be able to pass exams, we need people to be able to bridge the gap.
Ontop of that teaching people to analyse the source of information as well as ensuring public media reports on issues from all angles wherever possible.Learning to come together seems like the crucial first step when ultimately only a hand full of people and their profit are determining the direction the world is heading towards at the moment.