Job role in REAL:

Auditor and Liaison Co-Ordinator for REAL’s Partners.

Role in REG:

Recently adopted by the Malala Family.

My thoughts on REG:

WOW. Leading the industry and people in general into a more ethical way of living whilst maximizing efforts to help local charities. I have never known a company have a specific group of activists together specifically to lead the way ethically. Absolutely fantastic.

Biggest challenge facing the world today:

I believe (other than the lack of world peace) it is the state of our physical earth and what we have done to our planet.

What solutions can help solve this issue?

We can certainly do our part as individuals to ensure we do the maximum to lesser these issues in future (Pollution, Plastic, Landfill waste etc). As a company we are encouraging these movements on a wider scale through our activist projects, such as our upcoming environmental week. I also believe we should try our bests to extend these actions to everyday life