Position within REAL: Onboarding Director

Position in and name of family: As head of the REG I am in fact in all three families

What I think about REG: As the longest standing member of REG I have seen the group grow and develop over the years, the one constant from all the different members that have rotated into the group has been the passion and enthusiasm to not only make a positive impact in the world but also to leave a lasting legacy. What has always been a constant is the drive and determination to overcome injustices or to get involved helping out when needed. Since the REAL Families were born we've seen a dramatic upturn in company wide interaction with pretty much everything we have done, we've taken part in more activism events, raised and donated more money for good causes and seen a much stronger bond forming through the hard work and dedication of the family heads and deputy heads. Many people now see their family as family, I couldn't imagine REAL with out REG or the families.

The biggest challenge facing the world today: Wow BIG question, where i want to say injustice as i feel that covers everything i feel strongly about. I think a more specific answer is required. In this day and age its clear that the preservation of our entire world is at the top of the agenda with climate change being the topic that we keep coming back to, simply knowing that the world has gotten into such a state that we are genuinely teetering on the edge of destruction, its a scary thought. Whether we are looking at an environmental overload of carbon or the destruction of the natural world through deforestation or mining, its clear that if we continue to cut away and poison our world, it will die.

How can we help conquer this: It is going to require drastic action from all, simply changing ones own habits is a start but no where near enough, it requires those in power to stand up and change policy and STRONGLY encourage others to do the same, I think direct action through protest is a start but I think above all else we need to start the race and build the momentum globally into who can protect our planet and world rather than who can squeeze the most out.